Is Nerf Still Popular?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:30 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:30 pm

Foam darts or water being shot out of a plastic gun, what an invention! Who could have come up with such an idea? Probably a gun enthusiast that wanted to teach his kids how to shoot in a safe way. 

I wonder if he thought that someday kids all over would have hours of fun with his invention? But today, with as much technology that we have, is Nerf still popular?

Nerf guns and toys are still incredibly popular toys especially with children who are 8-12 years old. They enjoy having Nerf wars in the house or yard as nothing quite beats the heart pounding action of Nerf!

If you haven’t been to the toy section in the store lately or seen a child’s toy chest, then you may not think so; but, think again. 

Everywhere you look, Nerf is there. 

There are Nerf guns with the foam darts, Nerf water guns, and many more items. You’ve even got off brand/generic Nerf guns for a cheaper option. So I guess you can say that, yes, Nerf is still popular.

I am not very old, but when I was a kid, I played with Nerf guns quite a bit; that was my favorite toy. 

If I got the latest and greatest Nerf gun or water gun, I would be ecstatic. The hype was huge back then and as I’ve grown older, I have not seen the hype and excitement dwindle down at all. 

Nerf is still as fun and awesome today as it was when it made its first appearance on the store shelves. 

When Did Nerf Guns Become Popular?

The fun we enjoy today with the all-famous Nerf gun had to start somewhere, something can’t come from nothing. 

What is the story behind all of it? Who created it? Why did they create it? What was the reason? More importantly, how and when did they become so popular?

The first Nerf toy was introduced in 1969, the famous slogan “it’s Nerf or nothin’!” was introduced in the 1990s. Nerd did not start to make its rise until 1992 when it came out with its best toy yet, the BLASTER. 

The first Nerf toy was simply a plain 4 inch foam ball. In 1992, Nerf introduced its first Nerf blaster that used a foam dart, it was called the Sharpshooter. 

It fired foam darts that had small fins on its ends. This blaster proved to be incredibly popular and this was the start of Nerf’s blaster production and the beginning of their rise to popularity.

What Is The Best Nerf Gun? 

There is a wide variety of Nerf guns on the shelf, and if you are a Nerf enthusiast, you might not just want any Nerf gun for you or your kids. 

There are many types of nerf guns out there for you or your kids to enjoy, but which one should you get? Which one is the best one? And which one is everybody else buying?

Depending on the “event” you are going to and type of Nerf gun that you are wanting to buy, there is probably one made just for you. 

They have some Nerf guns from pistol hand-gun size, all the way to a full-blown Nerf shotgun. When you start your search, know your reason and specifications that you want. Also, keep in mind that some Nerf guns require batteries, and some do not.

The best option for quickdraw and fast-firing is the Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster. Its easy to load, fires up to 90 feet, and has accurate aiming. If you are looking for a smaller size, then the Nerf N Strike Elite Jolt Blaster is a great choice. 

This smaller Nerf gun is pocket size, great for kids, and does not require batteries. 

There are many different options for different styles of “fighting.” As far as the best Nerf gun out there, well, it’s more based on preference I guess. 

You decide which one is the best one for how you intend to use it. Do your research and get a feel for each Nerf gun and whether it is too big or small for you or your kids to use. 

What Is The Rarest Nerf Gun?

Do you like to collect cool, rare items and save them for the future when they no longer exist and everyone wants one? Do you take the time to search high and low until you find that rare item that will make you a big buck later down the road? 

Well, here is the rarest Nerf gun that may just make you some money when you need it. That is, if you already own it.

Funny story, probably the rarest and most hard to find Nerf gun out there today, wasn’t even made by the original Nerf company. The Mattel Ultimator was released in 1994, but due to not having a huge brand name, didn’t sell very well. Today though, on the very rare occasion that you find one, let alone the ammo for it, you would have to pay several hundred dollars for it.

Collecting items can be fun and a good hobby. Nerf is probably not going anywhere, anytime soon, so keep them and let them go up in value. 

You never know; you may have one that will only be limited in how many are made. Down the road, some fanatical collector may be willing to pay big bucks for that “useless” Nerf gun that you kept after your kids were done with it. 

What Nerf Gun Is The Best In 2021? 

Just like most items that you buy, from phones to cars, a new and improved model will roll out every year. A new Nerf gun is usually released each year so you can up your Nerf battling skills and expand your artillery. 

Here are the best tested Nerf guns for you in 2021.

The Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot is great for easy loading and has great aim. This is more of a larger hand-gun. The Nerf N Strike Elite Surgefire seems kind of self-explanatory, it has a rotating drum that holds 15 darts to make sure that you hit your target with at least one dart.

If you really want to go all out, the Modulus Tri-Strike is the one for you. This monster is made up of three different blasters that can be used separately or combined into one giant Nerf gun. 

You have a dart blaster with a 10-dart clip, mega dart barrel extension, and a missile launcher. That sounds awesome!!!

There are a wide variety of Nerf guns, depending on what you are looking for. They range from Nerf hand-guns, to shotguns. You take your pick, Nerf has definitely improved on their guns this year.

How Do I Choose A Nerf Gun?

Want to get ready for you next or even your first Nerf battle with your friends? Want to look like a pro, or just want to look like you know what you are doing? 

Well, here’s what to keep in mind when picking out your first or next Nerf gun.

There are several factors to picking out a Nerf gun, things that depend on what you like. Think of how you like to fight (defensive or offensive). Think about the size(s) you will need. Be sure to consider the amount of ammo you will need. And then, just think about any secondary weapons you will need with you.

For a defensive fighting style, mounted Nerf machine guns or Nerf sniper rifles are your best bet for surviving and taking out your opponents without them even seeing you. For a more offensive style, you will need smaller Nerf guns that can rapid fire, and several of them. 

Take lots of Nerf darts/bullets with you and good luck to ya. 

If you are going to be more offensive, make sure that your guns are lighter as you don’t want to have a whole lot of weight dragging you down. If you want to go all robin hood on your opponents, there is also a Nerf bow and arrow set that you can use. 

Of course that is more challenging but often being challenged is part of the fun. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:30 pm

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