What Is A Nerf Gun Party?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:33 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:33 pm

Are you celebrating a birthday soon? Maybe you’re just having a get-together with friends and wondering what exactly to do.Well, if you love playing with Nerf guns and if you enjoy a good Nerf war, why not have a Nerf battle? 

Oh, and make it a party! (Hint hint parents, little kids (especially boys) would go crazy for this idea.) 

A Nerf gun party is a party with, you guessed it, Nerf guns! There are many games you can play with Nerf guns and Nerf is such a fun idea for a party theme as well. 

Don’t fret if you don’t own a Nerf gun yet. They are easy to pick up at Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc. and if it’s a birthday party, what better present to give than a Nerf gun!

Having a Nerf gun party sounds like a blast for children and I’m pretty sure the adults will want to get involved too. It’s one of those games that you never grow too old for. 

No matter your age you can still have a grand time shooting foam darts at your opponent or running from theirs.

How Does A Nerf War Work? 

Darts flying about and laughter filling the air. Nerf gun parties are so exciting and a great way to spend some time with friends or relatives. 

First let’s understand how a Nerf war works.

A Nerf war is a safe and enjoyable way to have a dart (foam darts of course) “battle” with friends. It can operate in a variety of ways by simply shooting at each other, having obstacle courses, having target practice and much much more. 

Some games you can play are familiar and some you can just make up! 

It’s not complicated to have a Nerf war but there are some basic guidelines on how to play. Keeping in mind you can choose exactly how to play the game.

This is how to play the most common Nerf war:

  • You may leave your base once the whistle is blown.
  • Play fairly and be a good sport.
  • Normally it’s one hit and you’re out, but the players may decide how many hits until you’re out before the battle begins.
  • You can tweak the game however you wish before you start playing but make sure everyone knows what is going on.
  • Hit to the head/torso count as “deaths” but any other ones are “injuries”.
  • If you die in your last life you are done playing.
  • Teams don’t have to be even. This Is another thing that can be decided before you start to play. You may split up the teams however you wish.

There are also some common rules that are applied to help the game run smoothly:

  • Only use Nerf guns. I mean this one is kind of a given.
  • Don’t throw the guns. Don’t be “that guy”. Play safely!
  • You can steal other players’ ammo or weapons if they are “dead” but not their custom weapons. Return everyone’s weapon and bullets back to them at the end of the game.
  • Don’t go out of battle zones. Stay where you’re supposed to!
  • No physical contact. Keep your hands to yourself!
  • No face shots. Just remind everyone to be careful.
  • Wear eye protection just in case. You don’t want a kid to accidentally get hurt.
  • No close contact weapons such as swords. Unless you discuss that this is ok and even then, just tap your opponent when tagging them.

How Do You Get Good At Nerf Wars? 

If you are about to play in an epic Nerf battle you are probably curious how to be the best player out there.

Playing smart and making a strategy ahead of time  is key to being good at Nerf wars.

Here are some tips to making you an awesome Nerf master:

  • Make a base where you are protected
  • Set up barriers and fight from your base (offers protection)
  • Choose specific weapons or tactics to defend your base
  • If you have to leave the base make sure you take important ammo and gear with you
  • Intimidate the other team
  • Make sure your gun is loaded and if in the heat of battle and it isn’t dont worry and just use what you already have in it
  • Don’t use damaged darts
  • Use ammo wisely
  • Have a second weapon just in case
  • Keep out of sight
  • Trick your enemy
  • Use a secret code language
  • Carry a light
  • Be efficient
  • Keep the strategy simple
  • Ambush the enemy

By following these simple tips you will be well on your way to dominating the Nerd gun course. For more detailed strategies you can visit Blaster Piece

What Games Can You Play With Nerf Guns? 

Games provide such wonderful entertainment whether they are indoors or outdoors. With a Nerf gun game you can play them in either location. 

The beauty of Nerf games is that you can play whatever game you want. You can make them up or play originals. Nerf games can be altered for whatever group you are playing with.

There isn’t a set list of games you have to play with Nerf guns but here are some of the most popular ones:

  1. Capture the flag
  2. Freeze tag
  3. Hide and seek
  4. Teams or every man for himself
  5. Shooting targets

Of course there are tons of additional games that you can play with your Nerf guns such as setting up an obstacle course, jousting (running at each other while trying to shoot each other), king of the hill, and much more. 

You can adapt virtually every childhood game into a game that can be played with Nerf guns! 

Nerf Gun Party Ideas

Nerf gun party – just like a normal party, but centered around the main event- a Nerf war! 

I would recommend finding Nerf party ideas such as decor, etc. online or on Pinterest. The party can be indoors, outdoors or wherever you desire.

Did you know that there is such a thing as a Nerf Arena? A place where you can enjoy having a nerf war with your buddies or hosting a nerf party for your child. They even include the ammunition and blasters! 

Two of these awesome attractions include the Nerf BattleZone in Denver, Colorado and Fort Wayne Indiana. 

An excellent present to accompany this event would be a-wait for it- Nerf gun! 

The birthday child will certainly love this gift and if you are really going all out, consider buying/making a Nerf cake. So yummy and so cute! 

Ideas for a Nerf cake can be found here.

If you love playing with Nerf guns (or you have a child that does) then a Nerf party is perfect for you. So, let’s get out there and have some fun! 

Enjoy the Nerf battle with friends! It’ll be a party worth remembering.

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:33 pm

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