Are All LOL Dolls Color Changing?

Are All LOL Dolls Color Changing?

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The popularity of LOL dolls is based on various aspects, most of which are their special features. The Lil Outrageous Littles, aka LOL dolls, come in an interesting packaging that contains various accessories and a doll with hidden features.

One of the most popular features among these is the dolls’ ability to change colors. But do all LOL dolls change colors? 

Not all LOL dolls are color-changing. Be sure to check the packaging on the dolls you purchase to see what their special surprise is. 

If you only want to buy LOL dolls that change colors then you will want to purchase those that are specifically from the color changing line. 

To see the most popular LOL color changing dolls just click here. 

How Many Color Changing LOL Dolls Are There?

The LOL Surprise Series 1 contained twelve color-changing dolls. However, the exact number of color-changing Lol Dolls is unclear as of now. It seems the surprise element in the name LOL Surprise is true, and one never really knows what their LOL doll is capable of doing. 

Among the LOL dolls that change color, some change color in warm water, some do so in cold water, while others in warm and cold water.

However, the manufacturers of the toy line have officially released four exclusive lines of color-changing LOL dolls. Collectively called the Color Change Series, these four collections are:

• Color Change Series

• Color Change Surprise (Lil Sisters)

• Color Change Surprise (Bubbly Surprise)

• Color Change Surprise (Pets)

Color Changing LOL Dolls in Color Change Surprise Collection

Among these, the Color Change Surprise line is the latest collection of previously released color-changing LOL dolls and some new characters. According to LOL dolls fandom, the following 12 LOL dolls have been confirmed to be color changing:

• Genie

• D.J.

• Sis Cheer

• Go-Go Gurl

• Merbaby

• Baby Next Door

• Daring Diva

• Pranskta

• Precious

• Surfer Babe

• Foxy

• Pop Heart

These 12 LOL dolls are from the first LOL dolls collection named Series 1. These have been re-released as part of Color Change Surprise, but Foxy is no longer color-changing despite being a part of this collection and being a previously color-changing doll.

Color Changing Lil Sisters LOL Dolls

The following LOL dolls from Color Change Surprise (Lil sisters) are color changing:

• Lil Genie

• Lil D.J.

• Lil Sis Cheer

• Lil Go-Go Gurl

• Lil Merbaby

• Lil Baby Next Door

• Lil Daring Diva

• Lil Pranskta

• Lil Precious

• Lil Surfer Babe

• Lil Foxy

• Lil Pop Heart

Color Changing Pet LOL Dolls

The color-changing LOL pets are one more in numbers than the Series 1 and Lil Sisters characters. The 13 colors changing pet LOL dolls are:

• Bunny Wishes

• Pupsta

• Hop Heart

• Splash Meow-Maid

• Merkitty

• Sur-Fur Puppy

• D.J.K.9

• Puppy Next Door

• Foxy Flyer

• Go-Go Birdie

• Ra-Ra Skunk

• Daring Doggie

• Precious Meow

Color Changing Bubbly Surprise

Color Change Bubbly Surprise comes in two colors: pink and orange. Both sets have similar shapes, different from the usual ball shape of LOL dolls’ packaging. They are rectangular with rounded corners. 

Both boxes have a heart-shaped design on them and come with a fizz surprise.

The fizz surprise, when placed in water, reveals a heart-shaped smaller box. This box unpacks to reveal an exclusive doll, doll accessories, and a pet. The accessories are usually a pair of change of clothes for the doll and a drinking cup.

All About Color-Changing LOL Dolls

Color-changing LOL dolls come with a varied number of surprises. Color Change Surprise Lil Sisters comes with five surprises, Color Change Surprise Pets comes with six surprises, whereas the Color Change Dolls come with seven surprises, as they did in Series 1.

Another important feature is the color-changing balls that LOL dolls come in. All packaging balls of the Color Change Surprise collection, which contains characters from Series 1, also change color when dipped in water.

However, LOL dolls from Series 1 aren’t the only color-changing LOL dolls to be re-released in the exclusive Color Change Series. Lil Precious, Lil Baby Next Door, Precious Meow, and Puppy Next Door have also been part of the Surprise collection.

Another great feature about the color-changing LOL dolls is that they belong to various clubs within the toy series.

Merbaby and Genie belong to the club Theatre, D.J. belongs to Hip Hop, Sis Cheer and Surfer Babe belong to Athletic Club, Go-Go Gurl belongs to the club Glitterati, Daring Diva belongs to Pop Club, Precious belongs to the club Pearl, Pop Heart belongs to the Art Club, Foxy belongs to the club Retro, and Pranksta belongs to both Theatre and Glitterati clubs.

In contrast, Baby Next Door is not a part of any club. Instead, she is exclusive to LOL Surprise House. All Lil Sisters belong in the same clubs as the LOL dolls from Series 1.

Surprise Pets are also part of different clubs. The pets also have owners. Genie owns bunny Wishes, Pupsta is owned by Pranksta and Lil Pranksta and is a part of the club Theatre, Hop Heart is owned by Pop Heart, Splash Meow-Maid belongs to the club Glitterati and has a non-color changing owner named Splash Queen, Merkitty belongs to Merbaby and the club Theatre, Sur-Fur Puppy belongs to Surfer Babe and the Athletic Club, D.J.K.9 is from the Hip Hop club and has three owners including D.J, Lil D.J, and 24K D.J.

Puppy Next Door belongs to Baby Next Door and Boy Next Door, Foxy Flyer belongs to Foxy, Go-Go Birdie belongs to Go-Go Gurl and Lil Go-Go- Gurl, Ra-Ra Skunk is owned by Sis Cheer, Daring Doggie is owned by Daring Diva and Lil Daring Diva and belongs to the club Glee, and Precious Meow belongs to the club Swim.

Final Thoughts

All color-changing LOL dolls are identified for this exclusive feature with a color-changing emoji. The emoji is exclusive to LOL Surprise Series and is a purple face with a wink and smile. The open eye has a star shape around it in the color blue.

The emoji has two small hearts on its head. The color contrast of blue and purple is what indicates the color-changing feature in a LOL doll. This is the emoji that allowed children to count the number of color-changing LOL dolls in Series 1.

However, the exclusive collections of color-changing LOL dolls have made it easier to find them with this popular feature.

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