Are Paint Markers Permanent or Washable?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:44 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:44 pm

Are you fascinated by creating colorful artwork and beautiful vivid drawings? If so, you have probably used paint markers in your designs. Paint markers come in a variety of colors so you can create the art you want. 

But what if you mess up or get the paint marker on something that you shouldn’t? Can you wash it off? 

Most paint markers are sold as being permanent but with high pressure cleaning and cleaning solvents they can be removed from whatever surface they have come into contact with.

The description on the packaging of the paint markers should be checked to see if the paint can be washed off. There are some paint markers that say they are washable while most will be considered permanent. 

If you will be painting and need something that can be removed, the washable ones are a good option. Brands such as Sergeant art and Crayola manufacture washable paint markers. Just look for the word ‘washable’ on the packaging.

Acrylic paint markers will dry permanently. They dry slowly so if a mistake happens you are able to fix it right away. Most paint makers are oil based and can be removed with high pressure cleaning with acetone. 

So if you get a smear where it doesn’t belong on your painting, furniture, or clothes, don’t worry because it can be cleaned off. It is still good to remember that you should always be very careful with paint markers so you do not get marks on surfaces where they don’t belong.

Paint markers are meant to be water resistant so that they can be used outdoors without the rain washing them away. Saying this, if you get a spot on clothes, take proper steps to remove the ink before washing. Most paint markers can be washed out of skin and clothing.

Will Paint Markers Wash Off Clothes? 

You were creating something colorful and artistic with paint markers when your hand slipped and painted your shirt with a huge mark of blue paint. You know that these markers are said to be permanent and you are wondering if it will wash out.

Wet paint markers can be washed out of clothes by using rubbing alcohol and soaking the clothing before letting it dry. Once the paint marker has dried though it is virtually impossible to get off. 

To remove paint marker from your clothing you just need to follow these simple steps. 

First grab a paper towel and blot the stain to soak up all the extra ink. Doing this will help it be removed more thoroughly. 

Next, you want to put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and press it into the stain for several minutes. 

Then soak the fabric in a bucket of warm water for a good half hour. 

Finally, let the clothing air dry outside and you should have a stain free shirt once again.

Like I mentioned earlier, opt for washable paint markers if you think you will get it on any fabric. You can also wear old clothes when using paint markers to prevent them from possibly damaging your normal clothes. 

If a child is using the paint markers make sure they are supervised and know not to color on anything except for their picture. This will help make sure that nothing gets accidentally marked on with the paint. 

If an accident does happen however, know there are ways the paint can be removed.

Are Paint Markers Waterproof? 

Right after you finished cleaning the stained shirt, your hand knocked over a glass of water and accidentally split it all over your precious masterpiece. Is it ruined?

Paint markers are actually waterproof but only after they have dried. If your paint markers are still wet when exposed to water it will likely streak. 

Paint marker manufacturers know that they could be used outdoors in rain so they make them resistant to water.

Paint markers are resistant to water and won’t come off in the rain. Some restaurants even use them for designs on their windows. They can be cleaned off easily but won’t be ruined when water comes into contact with it.

Higher priced paint markers will deliver better results. If you want your painting to last, consider paying a few extra dollars so your art will last. 

More expensive brands will be better quality than cheaper brands and worth the cost. 

Do Paint Markers Fade? 

You have completed your colorful design using paint markers. You did such a great job that you want to hang it up to enjoy it. 

Since you are pleased with your art, you will want all the vivid colors to last and you are curious if it will fade over time?

Paint markers are meant to last so that you can enjoy your art for years to come. Unless exposed to elements often (such as left in the sun or rain for years), the vibrant colors should not fade.

Paint markers are meant to cover all the colors beneath it. Since they are opaque, you can color over any other marks. They are meant to last for years so their colors will not fade. 

Less exposure to elements like sunlight will make them last longer however. 

They also will not fade with exposure to UV light. If you are concerned that your art will fade, try to keep it in a place out of the direct sunlight. Paint markers are made to be permanent so you can keep your art for years to come. 

Are Permanent Markers The Same As Paint Markers? 

Permanent markers and paint markers look similar and are very close to being the same although there is a difference between them.

Paint markers are different from permanent markers but they are both very similar. 

Although both permanent and paint markers can be used for art, paint markers will work much better and will also be more permanent. For art, paint markers are much better. For signage, permanent markers are a better choice. 

There are some other differences between these two kinds of markers as well. 

Acrylic paint markers will dry slower so you can make changes while you are designing. They are water based for water resistance and durability. Acrylic paint markers work on any surface and produce a low odor while being non-toxic. 

Permanent markers dry instantly so you have less of a chance of correcting mistakes. Alcohol based and permanent on most surfaces they work on anything. These will also produce a strong smell.

Paint markers and permanent markers are very close to being the same thing and both have an opaque finish, but there is still a difference. If you will be doing something that requires more of a painting experience choose paint markers to create your artwork.

How Long Do Paint Markers Last? 

Paint markers are incredibly fun to use to color pictures and create designs. So how long will they last until you need to buy more?

Paint markers can last for a couple years if proper steps are taken to keep them from drying out. Once you use the paint marker on a canvas or paper and it dries it will also last multiple years. 

Paint markers can last for about one to two years with proper care and storage before needing to be replaced. They normally come with a handy case for easy storing. 

By replacing the caps when the paint markers are not in use they will last longer as well as putting them back in their case when they need to be put away. By taking care of them you will be able to paint with them for at least a year or two.

When it comes time to buy more paint markers, acrylic markers are a great option that gives good results. They can be used on virtually anything. You can draw or write on glass, porcelain, plastic, fabric, water, or leather with acrylic paint markers.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the brand and kind of paint maker they can be permanent or washable. But either way you can use them on just about anything. 

Most paint markers are said to be permanent but if you need to wash them out of something you can. 

If you need to clean paint marker off of a surface it can easily be done with a high powered cleaning solvent like acetone. Paint markers dry slowly so that you can fix mess-ups quickly without starting over. 

Paint markers are fun and creative with bright colors and paint-like ink that will last many years. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:44 pm

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