Do Baby Alive Dolls Need Batteries? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:56 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:56 pm

Baby Alive dolls are quite amazing with many of them talking, singing, eating, drinking, and more. 

With all the things that these dolls can do you might be wondering if they need batteries. 

Some Baby Alive dolls do require batteries. The soft bodied dolls that do not talk or drink do not need batteries.

So to determine if your Baby Alive doll needs batteries you need to look at what they can do. If they talk, drink, sing, or have other similar functions then they will need batteries. 

If there is nothing special like that then they shouldn’t require batteries. 

How Do You Change The Batteries In A Baby Alive Doll? 

Your Baby Alive doll has been played with for so long that the batteries have gone bad. How do you replace them so the doll works like new again? 

To replace the batteries on your Baby Alive doll you simply need to locate the battery pack on the back of your doll, loosen the screw which holds the cover in place, and then change out the AA batteries with fresh ones. 

Once the new batteries are in, make sure the ribbon is out of the way and replace the battery cover.

Typically Baby Alive dolls will take AA batteries but some smaller dolls will take AAA so be sure that you check to make sure that you have the needed batteries on hand before you open the doll up. 

Do All Baby Alive Dolls Eat, Drink, And Go Potty? 

There are a wide variety of Baby Alive dolls to choose from and each of these dolls have their own features. 

Not all Baby Alive dolls can talk, drink, or go potty. Each Baby Alive doll will have different functions that they can do so be sure and check the box or description to see what the one you are looking at can do. 

The Baby Alive Lil Sips Baby can drink her bottle and wet her diaper. She comes with an outfit, a bottle, and a diaper. This doll does not need batteries. 

The Baby Alive Goodnight Peppa Doll is another doll that does not take batteries. This soft bodied doll is machine washable and is ideal for a first baby doll. She comes with her attached onesie, a book, and a blanket pacifier. 

The Baby Alive Lulu Achoo Doll is one that your little one can nurse back to health. This doll sneezes and raises her hands toward her face to try to cover that sneeze. When she doesn’t feel well her forehead will light up red and she’ll make sounds. 

This doll comes with a doctor station, two charts, thermometer, spoon, tissue, bottle, comb, and a removable outfit. The doctor station will tell you what is wrong with your doll and how to help her feel better. 

The Lulu Achoo doll has more than fifty reactions! She can light up and when you use the stethoscope you’ll hear a heartbeat. 

The Baby Alive Grows Up doll transforms from a baby to a toddler! When you first unbox this doll, she’ll open her eyes to reveal their color, then you can remove her hat to see what her hair color is. This doll will transform the more you care for her, growing four inches! She can also move and talk! 

Baby Alive GloPixies minis do not talk, drink, or poop. These tiny little dolls do glow in the dark however. 

How Do You Make A Baby Alive Cry?

Not all Baby Alive dolls will cry however the Baby Alive Sweet Tears doll does cry. 

This doll has more than thirty-five phrases and sounds in English or Spanish. Her nose lights up red when she blows it. This little doll needs someone to nurse her back to health so she comes with a thermometer, tissue, juice box, stethoscope, bandage, and brush. 

To make the Baby Alive Sweet Tears doll cry just fill her juice box up with water and give it to her. Once the doll is done drinking, she will cry tears that her person can then wipe away.

Any other Baby Alive doll that cries will need to have water put into them to allow them to “cry” so if other models have been released that cry by the time you are reading this you will have to read the manual for that specific doll to see how to add the water. 

Do Batteries Come With The Baby Alive Dolls?

Baby Alive dolls have battery packs built into their backs. This is not the kind of toy that comes with a battery pack that is built inside of the doll, this way you can change the batteries when needed. 

Baby Alive dolls do not come with batteries. Not all of the dolls need batteries but the ones that do will have it clearly marked on the packaging what type of batteries are needed and how many. 

The dolls that do require batteries to operate typically take AA batteries which can be picked up at virtually any store. They even sell these batteries at the gas station so they shouldn’t be too hard to find if you picked up a Baby Alive doll for a gift and forgot to purchase the batteries. 

Most people also have these batteries in their homes lying around already as well. 

Baby Alive Doll FAQs

The original Baby Alive doll was created in the 1970s. This was a doll that came with little pellets which were mixed with water. 

When you fed the doll, you would use a lever in the back of the baby to make it chew the food. Then the food would travel through the doll and come out as plastic waste in the diaper. 

These dolls grew in popularity, selling over a million dolls by 1980. Then in 1992 the first ever talking Baby Alive doll was created. 

This doll no longer needed you to work a lever for her to eat. She did that automatically when you put the spoon in her mouth. Instead of using a diaper this doll would tell you that it had to go potty. 

Consumers didn’t care for the loud adult sounding voice that came from the doll so it was discontinued. 

Later in the 1990s the company came out with a non-speaking doll that drank juice from boxes. Hasbro absorbed the Kenner Company and when they did, they produced a more realistic speaking doll to the line. 

Now there are several different types of Baby Alive dolls. 

They have the newborn dolls such as the Sip ‘N Slurp, Pat ‘N Burp, Wets ‘N Wiggles, and Sip ‘N Snooze dolls as well as a line of talking toddler dolls. 

Some of the toddler dolls are Baby Alive learns to Potty which is a potty-training version of the doll. 

After you give the baby a bottle or feed her the food then moves through the doll. She’ll say things such as “hurry hurry!” and “Potty time” after she goes on the potty the doll then announces that she’s a big girl. This doll will also say “oops” if it has an accident in it’s diaper instead of going on the potty. 

Baby Alive All Better Now is a doll that might help to inspire young children to grow up to be a doctor. This doll needs to be taken care of because she’s sick. Your child will give her water from a cup and give her medicine. 

There are several other toddler Baby Alive dolls. Hasbro also makes soft body Baby Alive dolls that are designed with snuggling in mind. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:56 pm

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