Should You Keep Lego Boxes? (5 Tips If You Do)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:29 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:29 pm

If you have ever purchased Legos you likely got excited about the set based on what was on the Lego box itself. You wanted to build that amazing item and likely were super excited to get it home and take it out of the box. 

But once you have your Legos open the question still remains of what you should do with the Lego boxes. Should you keep them? Throw them away? Resell them? 

Most people choose to keep the Lego boxes as they make great displays and also great storage locations if you don’t leave your sets built. After you finish building a set you can simply take it apart, store it back in the original box and then you will know where that set is the next time you want to build it. 

Lego boxes are good for keeping your Legos organized but if you leave your sets together then what should you do with all the old boxes? 

Many people will simply dispose of the boxes once the Legos have been opened to help avoid cluttering up their house with a bunch of empty boxes. However, I personally don’t prefer that route. 

If you leave your sets together and never intend to use the boxes for storage I would recommend either reselling the boxes or use them for other crafts (the designs on the boxes are pretty great). 

Surprisingly the boxes of different Lego sets can actually sell for decent money depending on how rare or popular the set is. Many people have sold just the Lego boxes on places like eBay for $10-$20 and more! Now to some people that might seem insane but if you are a seriously collector and your box got damaged somehow you would likely want a replacement which is where selling your old boxes comes in! 

No matter whether you choose to keep the Lego boxes, resell them,  or want to use the designs for other crafts, Lego boxes are great since they are built with firm materials that can support items or adapt well to your needs. 

With their vibrant and enticing designs, it is certainly understandable why some kids (and kids at heart) get attached to their Lego boxes. Others choose to simply resell the boxes to try and get back a little bit of the money that they spent on the item. 

However, most of the time, it will be a tough decision whether to let go of this precious carton storage or continue to fill your room/house with all of the different Lego boxes. 

Luckily, there are few ideas on how to keep your Lego boxes while also staying away from the possibility of cluttering up your room/house: 

Read on and this might save you from getting torn between your different options. 

5 Tips If You Keep Your Lego Boxes

If you really don’t want to get rid of the Lego boxes but are afraid of them beginning to pile up there are a few different things that you can try. 

Create Lego Designs On Your Walls

You can make your walls look amazing with creative DIY decorations made from your Lego boxes.

After you remove the bricks out of the box, you are probably thinking about how to use these containers. If you have time and energy then this idea is for you. 

Look for an empty wall in your room and think about how great it would be to dress up your own space with things that you love — Legos.

To do this you will want to get all your boxes together and then cut out the part that has the best graphic design that you love from each box. After trimming them down into smaller squares, it is now easier for you to attach them to your wall for display. 

You can use command strips to attach them (without damaging the walls, or simply use small pieces of tape as well. You can make designs with your Lego box designs as well such as your initials or turn your wall into a giant Lego world fight scene. 

The only limit is your imagination. 

Keep The Lego Boxes In Mint Condition

If you are planning to keep your Lego boxes, you will want to choose the ones that are still in mint or generally in good condition.

There’s no point in storing something that is worn out or looks like it is meant to be in the trash. Check the boxes and throw out the ones with torn lids, squished portions, or folded sides (unless you are going to use them to store the exact Lego set that is on the box). 

One helpful tip for Lego box hoarders is to open the package with care. Use a knife to cut the tape and smoothly open the box without ruining any corners or ripping it. 

Boxes in good condition are pleasing to the eye even if you pile them inside your room and are also much more likely to sell if you go that route. 

Only Buy Your Legos From A Local Store 

In connection with keeping your Lego boxes in good condition, it also means you have to be careful when purchasing the Legos as well. 

Unfortunately, most online stores will get you your Legos in excellent condition but the outside box will often be crushed or damaged. This really isn’t the online store’s fault as there really isn’t a good way to send Lego boxes without damaging them unless you use many layers of wrapping and a strong exterior box. 

However. If you are looking to keep your boxes in mint condition then getting squished boxes will quickly become very frustrating. 

Truly, the only way to ensure that the box is 100% pristine when you get it is to purchase from a local store where you can make sure that the box is in perfect condition before you buy it.

Reuse Your Lego Boxes As Storage

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your Lego boxes — but only if you have enough space. If you can barely move in your room, then that would be a pretty good sign that you need to get rid of some of them! 

However, when talking about avoiding clutter, Lego boxes can be excellent alternatives for dependable storage.

Many people will build a Lego set and then take it back down to save some space. If that is you then keeping the original Lego box to put the set back into is a great option! 

You then know exactly which set the pieces go to (since they are in the box) and you are also far less likely to lose any of the smaller pieces as well since they are all in one spot. 

Stack The Smaller Lego Boxes In The Big Ones

You can use the biggest Lego boxes you have and stack the smaller ones inside of them to save some space. This tip works very well for Lego collectors who have tons of boxes in different size variations but just can’t bring themselves to cut them up, throw them away, or even sell them. 

You can place the big boxes at the corners of your room or in storage areas in your room to prevent a messy appearance and so it doesn’t look like the Legos have taken over. 

The boxes will definitely look more organized using this method and you can use the space for other purposes.

Can You Sell Lego Boxes?

Some people are selling their boxes online through reliable sites. A couple of examples would be Bricklink.com and eBay.com. 

On both of these sites you will find original and good condition Lego boxes for sale. If you have a bunch of boxes lying around then this can be a great way to get a little extra cash. 

You can also try to post listings personally and find collectors who are really into Lego boxes.

Make sure you provide clear images of the Lego boxes so that the buyers can tell the real condition of the Lego boxes you are selling. Often people want the boxes to be in perfect or near perfect condition so don’t try and hide any slight flaws as the buyer is much more likely to want to return it if you hide the condition than if you are upfront. 

Selling your Lego boxes is a smart way to declutter your space — not to mention that you can also get back a little bit of the money you spent on the Lego sets. 

Why Are Lego Boxes So Big?

Lego sets come in boxes that are usually far bigger than the actual size of its contents.

The manufacturer has said that the extra space is intended for breathable storage for all the Lego pieces. Packing them in small boxes could damage and deform the bricks. 

However, many people believe using the larger boxes is simply a way for Lego to differentiate between the cheaper Lego sets and more expensive ones. Typically the larger the box is the more expensive the Lego set is despite the fact that the contents might only take up a little bit more space than the smaller Lego sets. 

Also, the majority of purchasers do not have Lego storage at home. So the bigger boxes they get from their first purchase will be of great help to keep their pieces all together in one place. 


The choice of whether to keep your Lego boxes or not really depends on your space at home.

Boxes, when not properly stored, could look messy in your space and could even cause you to not have enough storage space for other important things.  

Think about what you can do with your Lego boxes and how it can help you organize your collection better moving forward. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:29 pm

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