Do Duplos Work/ Are They Compatible With MegaBloks?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:15 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:15 pm

These days, more and more children (and parents) are looking for toys that are challenging to children and stimulate their mental and cognitive capabilities. 

At a young age, children are quickly developing their skill sets and knowing what they want to be when they grow up. One of the common professions that children aim for is to be a builder, architect, or designer of some sort. 

That’s part of the reason behind the popularity of building toys like Duplos and MegaBloks. Both of these are toys made up of plastic bricks that children can assemble to build structures. 

There’s been a lot of hype around which building blocks are the best for kids, with Duplos and MegaBloks easily in the top two spots. 

Since both brands are so popular, some families opt to just buy both! 

The only question that they will have is if they’re compatible with one another or if the Duplo blocks fit the bricks of MegaBloks or not. 

Duplos and MegaBloks are mostly compatible however they aren’t a tight fit on one another. Some specific Duplos or MegaBloks won’t fit on top of the other brand as well so they won’t work together in every situation. 

Duplos and MegaBloks can be mixed together, which means kids can build structures using a fusion of bricks from both brands but that structure won’t be as sturdy as one built with only MegaBloks or only Duplos. 

Typically MegaBloks will fit on top of Duplos with only a few exceptions for the smaller MegaBloks or odd shaped ones. Duplos fitting on top of MegaBloks is more rare though so they are best used for the bottom of the structure and then MegaBloks on top. 

Not All Lego Duplo and MegaBloks Fit Together

It might seem fun to build structures, buildings, and whatever else kids can fathom using both Duplo bricks and MegaBloks. 

While it is possible to a certain extent, not all of the blocks will fit together. Since they are made by different manufacturers, these blocks weren’t made to be fused and used in one structure. 

The basic blocks in Lego Duplo and MegaBloks can be an almost perfect fit, considering that they are the same size and have very similar holes. 

However, there can be more complex elements that do not go together, such as:

Smaller bricks

Right angle bricks



Many people who have tried fusing the two say that MegaBloks are made with somewhat of a lower quality compared to Lego Duplos. Hence, their holes are not the exact same size which makes building with both of them less sturdy. 

The result is that while some MegaBloks will perfectly fit Duplos, others won’t. For example, the holes in MegaBloks studs cannot securely mount the rods of Lego Duplos. 

But players can make do by putting the rod in other pieces or choosing a hollower MegaBloks stud. 

MegaBloks have pieces called MicroBloks or MegaBloks mini, which are smaller than the standard size of MegaBloks studs. These pieces actually got quite well with Duplo bricks. 

If you’re looking for MegaBloks and Duplo sets that are compatible, it pays to look more closely into the packaging, study the stud sizes, and choose the same dimensions for each (if possible). 

Lego Duplo vs. MegaBloks

Being the two top choices for building blocks for kids, Duplos and MegaBloks have the same style of blocks as each piece can be attached to another to build structures, buildings, or virtually anything that the imagination can come up with! 

But there are also some important differences between these two brands as well. 

If you’re not sure which brand of building blocks to get, here are some important differences between the two. 


Duplos have been known to be quite pricey for a child’s toy. But with that price, you get good quality, safe building bricks, and of course, enjoyable playtimes. 

Basic tubs of Duplos can cost about $30 or more. On the other hand, a tub of MegaBloks costs around $27 but it is typically more blocks. 


It’s been said that Duplos are built more carefully and have a higher quality compared to MegaBloks. The latter has inconsistent hole sizes and structure and often appears to be lacking quality control. 

Duplos are more durable, which can account for their higher price (mentioned above) considering that you can use them for longer.

While both building blocks are made of durable plastic, their exact composition also differs. The materials of  Duplos are:

  • Primarily ABS Plastic
  • PVC-Free
  • Phthalates-Free
  • Lead-Free
  • Fire Retardant-Free

On the other hand, the materials for MegaBlox Maxi and Mini are: 

  • PVC-Free
  • Phthalates-Free

If you take a look at the composition of each, a parent may be more comfortable and at ease with Duplos (which is another reason they are more expensive). 


Duplos and MegaBlox also come in different varieties, themes, and set variations. Which one you should get would depend on your preferences and of course, what your kids like. 

The more popular varieties of Duplos include:


Harry Potter

Lord of the Rings


Star Wars

Other superheroes from Marvel and DC

MegaBloks also have their own lineup of themes and variations, such as:


Hello Kitty

First Builders (which are easy to build blocks for young children)

Moshi Monsters


World of Warcraft

Age Recommendation

Another thing to consider when choosing between Duplos and MegaBlox is the age of the builder. 

It’s said that MegaBlox is easier to use and more suitable for young toddlers ages 1 to 2 years old. 

This is because the bricks can be assembled and taken apart more easily compared to Legos. They’re also slightly bigger and more manageable. 

On the other hand, Lego Duplos work well for kids ages 2 to 5 years. They offer more challenges for older kids and can allow them to build a vast range of different structures. 

Pros and Cons of Duplos

There are a few important pros and cons to Duplos that you should consider before buying them. Those pros and cons are:


Color and shape varieties

Additional elements

Large, manageable bricks

Tight fit 


Tight fit may not be ideal for kids younger than 2 years old

More expensive 

Pros and Cons of MegaBloks

As with the Duplos there are also some pros and cons to MegaBloks


Color and shape varieties

Additional elements

Large, manageable bricks

Loose fit perfect for young children

More affordable


The loose fit may be a con for older kids as the pieces can fall apart easily. 

The bricks can easily crack/break


Both Duplos and MegaBloks are great toys that can really help a kid develop their mental and cognitive skills. It also allows them to use their imagination by building unique structures. 

Although they aren’t a hundred percent compatible with each other, there are still ways that kids can make do with the differences and build with both at the same time. 

If you only want to choose one or the other, which one is best really depends on your needs and preferences but for most people, the Duplos are always a safe choice. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 11:15 pm

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