Are Basic Pokemon Cards Worth Anything?

Are Basic Pokemon Cards Worth Anything?

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The popularity of Pokemon has increased over the last few years with the mobile game of Pokemon Go and videos of social media influencers finding valuable cards making the trading cards really popular right now. 

Stores have sold out over and over as people have been purchasing Pokemon cards in hopes of finding a valuable one to sell for a high price. 

Now, if you find a rare card that is great! The worth of a Pokemon card however, all depends on which card it is, if it is worth money or not. 

So, are basic Pokemon cards worth anything?

Basic Pokemon cards aren’t worth much (typically 10-25 cents). The most valuable Pokemon cards are first edition holographic cards.

You’ve seen or maybe even heard about how Pokemon cards are all the rage right now. The trading card game of creatures battling each other to win victories is popular once again. 

Thanks to social media influencers, Just in time for its 25th anniversary, people have been scrambling to buy packs of Pokemon cards hoping that will end up with one worth a lot of money. It seems the trading card game has never gone out of style especially for its fans. 

You may be asking the question if basic Pokemon cards are with anything? Well, sadly they aren’t worth very much at all with recent card prices at less than $1. Recent rare cards aren’t normally worth more than $10 either. 

Base sets on the other hand may actually get you some money if you find first edition cards that are rare. Original cards that are in good condition can sell for a lot of money.

If you are lucky you could even find a holographic card which could be valued at a high price.

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What Basic Pokemon Cards Are Worth Money? 

Valuable Pokemon cards aren’t always the first edition ones. Every year Pokemon releases cards that are worth something. Normally these aren’t really basic but they are limited edition cards or cards in high demand.

There are several Pokemon cards that are worth money which include first edition, limited edition, holographic, or GX cards.

Pokemon cards that are given out at tournaments or events are valuable too since there are so few in existence. The main thing to keep in mind is that when it comes to Pokemon cards being valuable, if there is a limited supply that is less than the demand for them they will be more valuable. 

So, if a lot of people are looking for and wanting a particular card, its value will shoot up.

Some of the most valuable Pokemon cards are:

  • Pikachu Trophy Cards
  • Pikachu Illustrator Card
  • Distributor Meeting Cards
  • Master’s Key
  • 1998 Kangaskhan Trophy Card
  • Tropical Mega Battle Cards
  • University Magikarp
  • Base Set Cards
  • Japanese Topsun Cards
  • Neo Destiny Cards
  • Shining Cards
  • Full Art Cards
  • Gold Star Cards
  • Southern Island Cards
  • Snap Cards
  • Inverted WB Stamp Error Cards
  • Crystal Cards
  • Japanese L-P Promo Cards
  • Shadowless Charizard

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Are Original Base Set Pokemon Cards Worth Anything? 

So basic Pokemon cards aren’t actually worth very much at all. But how about original base set Pokemon cards?

Original base set Pokemon cards are worth something if they are rare or are in excellent condition. 

First edition Pokemon base set trading cards, also known as the Shadowless cards are worth some money because they are rare. If you have a box of old Pokemon cards collecting dust somewhere in an attic or closet, you should go check it out. 

Look for what makes Pokemon cards rare and valuable and see if you have any of these cards. You never know you may find a treasure in your old stash of Pokemon cards.

Speaking of valuable Shadowless cards, out of this base set, these are the most valuable:

  • Shadowless Charizard
  • Shadowless Blastoise
  • Shadowless Chansey
  • Shadowless Venusaur
  • Shadowless Mewtwo

Because they are so rare, these cards are among the most valuable for Shadowless base set Pokemon cards.

How Do You Know If A Pokemon Card Is Valuable? 

Opening that box of your old Pokemon cards, you look through every single one to find one that could be rare and valuable. Before you begin the task, know what you are looking for. 

There are certain things you can check for to see if a Pokemon card is valuable.

To see if Pokemon cards are valuable check everything from symbols, first edition cards, collectors numbers, etc.

Let’s talk about the things to look for in a Pokemon card. The symbols on the bottom right of the cards should give you a clue to its rarity. A circle is common, a diamond is uncommon, and a star is rare. Also, around 1999 or the early 2000s, “Wizards of the Coast” was printed on some cards and these may be rare as well. 

If the collector’s number on a card is higher than the total number in that set it could be rare. 

If there is no collector’s number it may have been printed earlier meaning you could be holding a rare Pokemon card. Holographic cards are also rare cards with extra symbols or words after the name. 

Full art cards can be sold for a good price too. 

The conditions of a card will cause its value to either increase or decrease. When you are ready to sell rare Pokemon cards, seek advice from other Pokemon trading card fans on how to do it.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon trading card collectors enjoy their hobby so much that they will go to extreme lengths to get a rare card. Others have jumped on board and when finding a valuable Pokemon card, they sell it for a high price. 

Basic Pokemon cards are cards that have been printed recently and are worth less than $1 with basic “rare” cards only selling for about $10. If you are looking to sell Pokemon cards for a lot of money you will have to find ones that are first edition and rare. 

The more people want the card, the higher its value becomes.

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