Are Big, Jumbo, Or Giant Pokémon Cards Worth Anything? 

Are Big, Jumbo, Or Giant Pokémon Cards Worth Anything? 

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There are many different variations of Pokémon cards. There are the regular, holographic, reverse holographic, shiny vault, jumbo, giant, and so many more. Many of the regular, holographic, and reverse holographic are now worth a couple of hundred dollars. 

What about jumbo cards? Since their release in 2000, have they increased in value? 

Unfortunately, jumbo cards aren’t worth much more than what you may have originally paid for them. 

This does not mean that they will never increase in value however as of now the demand just isn’t there. As the franchise of Pokémon continues to grow, the Jumbo Pokémon cards could end up increasing in value. 

As for now, they aren’t very valuable or even able to be used in tournaments. Most people who collect Jumbo Pokémon cards just use them for display as part of their collection. 

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How Can You Protect Your Jumbo or Giant Pokémon Cards? 

Normal card sleeves will not even come close to fitting over and protecting your jumbo Pokémon cards. These jumbo cards are at least eight inches tall. 

Is there a way that you can still protect your Jumbo or Giant Pokémon cards? 

There are Toploader sleeves that can protect your Jumbo and Giant Pokémon cards. The sleeves size is 6”x9”. 

The size of these sleeves means that you will have about an inch of space leftover once the card is secure. It is better to have that extra inch of space than your card be destroyed with no protection at all. 

How Do You Take Proper Care Of Pokémon Cards? 

Pokémon trading cards first came on the scene in the late ’90s. Ever since their release, the game and franchise have only grown in popularity. 

Just like any other collecting hobby, you want to make sure that your collection stays protected. For some, they like to collect Funko Pops and keep them sealed in their boxes. Other people collect coins from different eras and have a special place dedicated to their coin collection. 

The same can be true of your Pokémon card collection. You want your cards to stay in mint condition. However, to know the cards that are in the pack, you have to take them out of the original packaging. 

Is there a way to take care of your Pokémon cards so they can stay in mint condition? 

Here are a few tips to keep your Pokémon cards in mint condition. 

Keep your Pokémon cards in separate card sleeves

Whether you have a card binder that holds all your Pokémon cards or just a collector’s tin, all your cards need to be in their own sleeves. This will prevent any unnecessary scratching from happening. 

This will also allow you to see the front and back of the card at all times. It is best to never double up cards if you are trying to protect them. 

If you run out of slots in your binder or sleeves for your cards, it’s best to keep the cards in a safe place until you can get more. 

Keep your cards away from outside elements 

Pokémon cards are fragile and can very easily bend, crease, and tear. The first step should be to place your cards in their own plastic sleeves. 

If you do not have plastic sleeves, make sure you place your cards in a safe place. Avoid handling your cards anywhere near liquids as they could do serious damage to your cards. 

Additionally, never leave your cards out in the sun. Even if your card is in a sleeve, it needs to be stored somewhere away from the sun. The sun’s rays will diminish the value of your card by fading it.

Keep your cards stored in a safe place

Even if you have your cards stored in sleeves, you still need a safe place to keep them. This could be in a collectors tin or collectors binder. 

Whatever method is easier for you is best. 

If you prefer to pull out your cards one by one and hold them, then the tin is the better option. If you prefer to flip through your cards like a photo album, then the collector’s binder would be best for you. 

Always be sure to have the most protection possible when you are trying to keep your cards in mint condition. 

Keep your cards organized

One of the best ways to take care of your Pokémon collection is to know the cards you have and keep them organized. You can arrange them by color, size, type, or whatever is easiest for you. 

This allows you to keep track of your collection and see which ones you still need. 

What Are Shiny Vault Cards? 

Pokémon collecting and trading have suddenly become popular again. Many celebrities have done an unboxing and opening of cards online to show their Pokémon collector cards on social media. 

Throughout this boost of popularity of the Pokémon franchise, the company has been producing more and more collectible cards. There have been reprints of original classic cards, new booster packs for current collections, and also brand new cards that are now in circulation. 

One of these new packs that have been created is the Shining Fates. This expansion of the franchise features over 100 different Pokémon in the Shiny Vault. 

What exactly is the Shiny Vault and how do you know if you have Shiny Vault cards? 

The Shiny Vault is a special pool of Pokémon cards. These cards have a unique sparkly background and feature a Pokémon’s shiny variant. 

There are different types of Shiny Vault cards as well. The cards that are standard shiny are called Baby Shinies. The cards that have full art shine to them are called Shiny V/Max or EX/GX cards.

The Shiny Vault cards are typically found in the Shining Fates packs. Every booster pack has a guaranteed promise that you will get at least one rare Pokémon card. This could be a reverse holo or a standard holo. 

With the Shining Fates pack, the rare Pokémon card that you can receive might be a Shiny Vault card. Shiny Pokémon cards are also starting to be recognized and featured in the trading game. 

Hold on to your Shiny Vault cards as they may be worth something in the near future. 

Final Thoughts

If you are an avid collector and have multiple Jumbo Pokémon cards, keep collecting, because you never know when they will increase in value. 

Be sure to protect all your Pokémon cards by handling and storing them properly. Someday, your collection could be very valuable. 

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