Are Dry Erase Markers Washable? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:18 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:18 pm

Have you ever heard of a marker that’s washable?

Do you remember using those Expo markers, or any other brand that you may have had? What a cool tool am I right? 

Being able to quickly jot something down then to erase it at your own convenience was tons of fun as a kid and is still useful into adulthood. Being able to draw something for someone without it being permanent is helpful at work or at home for a grocery list. 

I remember as a kid being so fond of these intricate little tools used to solve and decode problems, for literature, for doodles, planning, and so much more. 

These are a tool slightly bigger than a pen with a felt tip. Many colors can be found when searching for the next markers for any collection! 

Many stores have tons of options of dry erase markers that you can choose from. Dry erase markers are usually able to be located in with the writing accessories and tools. 

They all serve the same purpose, to write with and then be erased at some point. Of course you know that they can be erased from a dry erase board… but what about when they get on something that they shouldn’t? 

One thing about dry erase markers that many people aren’t quite sure about is whether you can wash off dry erase markers from things like clothes, furniture, or even your skin. 

Normal dry erase markers are not designed to be washable which means cleaning them off of anything but a whiteboard will be very difficult. However, they do sell dry erase markers that are washable. 

When a dry erase marker is used on a white board, it can most definitely be cleaned off by a cloth or eraser  of some sort. I even have learned from experience that the most odd material that could be used to erase this marker is a dryer sheet! 

A tissue or an actual white board eraser will erase these markings too. 

On the contrary, when a dry erase marker is put onto clothing or furniture it makes it trickier to remove the stain. However, there are solvents that may do the trick to take the stain out. 

Also, when you do get some dry erase marker on your skin it is best to wash off with soap and water immediately since the ink contains pigments.

Having the freedom of holding a dry erase marker to create or explain an idea is great but you (or your kids) should always be careful not to get it on anything but the white board. 

If you have issues with your kids using it on things beside the dry erase board then you should absolutely only buy the washable type of dry erase markers. 

Ways To Use Your Dry Erase Markers

From young children (kiddos do love learning with these tools, it makes learning more fun) starting to learn to write to translations being discovered by adults, dry erase markers have tons of different uses. 

Dry erase markers can be used to take notes for study guides and such. 

Doodles can also be created with these dry erase markers. 

Games may also be played by using dry erase markers (just make sure to keep the game on the board). 

Honestly the uses for these little markers never seem to end.

I remember when I was younger I went to Sunday School and the teacher would often use dry erase markers on a whiteboard to explain Bible stories to us kids. I loved watching him draw, erase, and draw some more. 

He was really good at it too! 

Now as an adult I get to use dry erase markers too… to write the grocery list on the board that is on our fridge. Okay maybe it’s not quite how I envisioned I would use dry erase markers growing up but that just goes to show you how useful they can be and how many uses they have. 

You may know these dry erase markers by their brands such as Expo, Crayola, & BIC and these are just a few of the well known top brands. 

Having many colors from red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple hues! So many colors to see and put to use. 

I do want to add that teachers are very fond of these learning tools as they have many uses in the classroom. 

We are a long ways away from using plain white chalk on a board. Instead now we can use the many colors of dry erase markers and more easily explain lessons or help certain parts of a problem stand out by using a different or brighter color. 

Pros And Cons Of Dry Erase Markers

Now I mentioned above the many different ways that you can use these little markers. From teaching stories to kids to writing grocery lists down they are incredibly useful tools. However they certainly aren’t without some cons as well. 

Before I get to the largest con about this type of marker I did want to give one additional pro (beyond how useful they are). 

Another thing that is great about dry erase markers would be the different tips that are available to be bought. You can get these markers with a fine tip, which will allow you to draw a fine line from .5mm to .7mm. Other suggested tips of dry erase markers are…bullet tip, chisel tip, as mentioned about the fine tip, and fine chisel tip. 

Each of these tips are more precise than the other which allows you to use these markers for art or for intricate detail work as well.

Now I know different marker tips might not seem like a big deal however when you need to make a thin line for your drawing or you are trying to get some detail just right it is a huge deal. 

There is one main disadvantage when it comes to these dry erase markers. That is when you or a child strays from the whiteboard and starts writing on themselves, their clothes, or the furniture. 

When a stain happens to appear on a piece of clothing or fabric, what can you do? Is there anyway at all to try and remove it? 

One of the best known solutions to get marker out of clothes or furniture is to use hydrogen peroxide with a tissue to blot the stain out without smudging it. You can also use a q tip if a smaller tool is needed. 

After doing this you will want to use a towel to dry the solution and wipe away any left overs of the dry erase marker. 

Dry Erase Marker Tips & Tricks 

Dry erase markers are useful for quite a few other things besides just writing on a whiteboard. 

There are actually quite a few different tips and tricks you can do when it comes to using these dry erase markers for other things. 

  • If you used a permanent marker on something and for whatever reason need to erase it, you can actually go over it with a dry erase marker and it will remove it. 
  • For those who like creative lights how about shading a light bulb with a dry erase marker to create a different shade or color. Using a dry erase marker to shade light bulbs will even help you save money rather than buying different colored bulbs. 
  • You can use dry erase markers for crafts (no I’m not talking about drawing with them). I recently made little miniature planes with my son using a dry erase marker! 
  • You can use dry erase markers for experiments (have you tried the floating ink one?) 
  • Make a giant dry erase mat for hours of fun with your little ones. 

There are so many different things you can try to do with your dry erase markers if you really want to! 


To conclude it is safe to say dry erase markers are able to be erased when they are used on the right surface however they are not actually washable unless you buy the ones that specifically say that they are. 

Dry erase markers can be used to perfect your calligraphy/cursive or even to try learning new writing fonts or even a different language. 

Knowing I can count on dry erase markers to write then immediately erase as I wish is such a nice thing as I can easily leave notes for my kids or wife, write fun little sayings on the board or even use them for a science experiment! 

These markers can be used for so many different purposes from coloring by number and writing poems to working on complex math problems. 

They truly are quite an amazing little tool!

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 08:18 pm

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