Are Pencils Waterproof? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:59 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:59 pm

Have you ever tried to write something down in a storm? The paper is hard to keep in place and dry and the pen stopped working because it got wet. 

Will all your hard work be ruined that was written before the rain? Would you even be able to write in the rain if you had a pencil?  

Pencils can soak up water, does this mean they will no longer work when wet? 

Pencils are waterproof. A pencil will still write when wet. The writing may look different due to the pencil soaking up the water, but it will still write. 

The paper on the other hand is a different story. If you have already written your information on the paper, your pencil writing will stay…but the paper may start to fall apart. 

How Long Does Pencil Writing Last? 

Have you ever been cleaning and found old letters you’ve stashed away? You sit there and reminisce through your box full of letters. These letters could be notes that were passed in school between you and your classmates. 

They’re probably still intricately folded in small shapes and designs too. Or maybe you keep letters and notes that your mom has written you over the years. 

Maybe you have saved all the letters and sweet notes that your significant other has written to you while you’ve been together. While going through the box, you may notice that some words are becoming more difficult to decipher as the ink is starting to fade. 

However, all your notes that were written in pencil seem to not have changed at all. The only thing that looks aged is the paper itself. 

Should you start writing all your letters in pencils so they last longer? How long does pencil writing last?  

Pencil writing tends not to fade. Pencils with graphite have a maximum lightfast rating which means the writing will last for over 100 years. 

Lightfastness is the measurement of the pigment’s ability to resist fading under normal circumstances. 

Your pencil writing can last for years before you see any changes to the writing. However, the writing will only last this long if the paper is taken care of. 

Outside elements can ruin your paper and affect the writing as well. 

Is It Better To Use A Pen Or Pencil? 

When it comes to writing instruments, the top two to choose from are pens and pencils. One writes with ink and rarely breaks while the other constantly needs to be sharpened but will never dry out. 

When it comes to deciding which one is best, the one doing the writing is the ultimate decision-maker. Is there a right or wrong to which is better for writing, pencil or pen? 

Pens are better for signing things or writing something permanent so it can’t be altered. Pencils are best for work that might need to be changed or for making notes that you want to last for decades. 

Here are some of the key differences between pencils and pens when it comes to writing. 

Pencils allow you to erase mistakes, pens do not. 

What happens when you are writing and end up misspelling a word? If you are writing with a pencil, it’s an easy fix. All you need to do is use your eraser and try again. 

When you use a pen, you have three choices: white out, scratch over the word, or start over again on a fresh sheet of paper. 

Pens allow for a consistent font size while pencil fonts tend to get thicker or thinner. 

Pens have the same size tip throughout the writing. The tip does not wear down through pages and pages of writing. 

When you are using a pencil, the lead will start to wear down over time. By the end of the page, your letter lines can be thicker due to the thickness of the tip of the lead.

Pencil writing won’t age nearly as fast as pen ink will. 

The ink in pens will typically fade over time. The graphite in pencils is resistant to any of the harsher elements that make pen ink fade over time. 

If you are writing something that you want to last for years, then a pencil is the better option. 

Pen ink is darker than pencil writing and can be easier to read. 

The black and blue ink in pens is typically easier to read on a piece of paper than the grayish hue of graphite. This is why a pen is used for important documents, it is easy to read and see when photocopying. 

When it comes to drawing, the argument between pen vs. pencil is fairly simple. It is much easier to draw with a pencil than it is a pen. 

The pencil is more forgiving since you can erase and try again. Whiteout on your artwork just doesn’t look too great and neither do scratch marks. 

Your best writing instrument for drawing is the pencil. You can also use the pencil for shading and other details that just don’t work the same with a pen. 

Can You Write On Waterproof Paper? 

No paper is truly waterproof. Even if you can take the paper and submerge it in the ocean, there will still be some effects. There are different variations of water-resistant paper. 

The higher resistance to water the paper has, the more likely it will hold up when submerged underwater. Why would we need to write underwater or ensure that our writing will stay if placed underwater? 

You can write on waterproof paper but often what you write will come off with time or exposure to water. 

Water-resistant paper is great for Marine biologists. They need to take notes of observation in the water. You can’t exactly take down a tablet or any other electronic device to record data. You can, however, use waterproof paper to document everything. 

You can also write on water-resistant paper such as state park maps. You can mark where you have been, plan out the trail of where you are going, and even write down different momentous things you see along the way. 

You will be able to read and write on it no matter the weather conditions. 

Another place you will often see the water-resistant paper is in hospitals, specifically medical bracelets. The bracelet will help identify patients and allow the nursing staff to write down important medical information on it. 

You can also use water-resistant labels to label your food or other items that you might take swimming. 

Final Thoughts

Pencils are waterproof and can be used in any extreme weather situation. Additionally, pencil writing can last for over a century if properly taken care of.

If you plan on documenting your life, be sure to write it all down in pencil. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:59 pm

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