Did Legos Get Smaller? (Things That Have Changed)

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:08 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:08 pm

As Lego makes its way through generations, the toys also evolve. New designs are being made using new and more advanced materials all of the time. 

So the Legos that we used to know back in the day may not be the same Legos we see on toy store shelves now.

Although the essence of the toy and its nostalgia are still present, Legos will continue to change in size, structure, colors, and shapes over the years.

Lego bricks did not actually get smaller over the years. The 2 x 4 and 4 x 4 sized bricks from the first few decades of Lego are still produced today. However, now the bricks come in many different shapes and fairly odd sizes and some of those will naturally be smaller than the original bricks. 

Further, Lego sets of the past used to come in a big set filled with everything you need to build a complete structure.

Whereas now, many Legos typically come in smaller sets. When completed, the structure becomes part of a bigger theme rather than buying a massive set in one part. 

For example, one Lego set may build one superhero, so you would need to buy the other sets to complete all the superheroes in the roster.

Many years ago all of them would have come in a single set so the sets have become “smaller” over time despite the Legos not changing dimensions. 

Other Factors That Changed With Legos Over the Years

Aside from the fact that Lego sets have more size diversities now (some larger and some smaller) first-generation Lego fans have noticed a ton of other differences. 

Here are some of them.


The Lego brand has evolved over the years, going from a general play toy to adopting specific themes and partnering up with other brands for licensed products. 

Nowaday, we see Lego sets with Disney, Marvel, DC, and many other movie themes that feature the characters and elements of the movies right in the brick builds. 

However, the past Lego sets focused on more general play. Instead of a Pirates of the Caribbean set, for example, Legos would just feature standard pirates without linking itself to any particular brand. 

Kids who played with Lego back in the day had the capacity to use their imagination and bring life to the structures outside of the limitations or bounds of movie franchises.

However, the development isn’t necessarily bad either. Adopting the theme of movies, series’, and other trending brands helps foster a child’s interests and passions as well as having many collectors buy them too. 

Building Method

Building Legos before was so much easier than it is now. The building would only take a couple of hours and for some sets, even a few minutes.

Then they had to tear apart their structure to build it again or to create something else with their Lego bricks.

But now, Legos have become more complicated, coming in different pieces of various sizes and sets have even become incredibly large. 

An advanced Lego set can take days or even weeks to build! 

After it’s built, players don’t usually tear it down to build it again or create a new structure. Because of the work put into it, the Lego structure then becomes a collection piece or decorative accent in a room. 

Players then buy new Lego sets again and build more, which is in stark contrast to the past practice of having one set and building, tearing apart, and rebuilding it often.


Back in the day, not all Lego sets came with instructions. More complicated ones were the only variations with building instruction sheets.

Others did not have instructions in them at all to help promote the players to use their imagination and build a structure however they wanted to without the limitations of a pre-set building manual.

Lego’s goal was just to provide the children with the materials they needed to build. But they wanted kids to use their imaginations and foster their creativity to build whatever they pleased. 

Now, almost all Lego sets come with building instruction sheets. More complex sets will have building sheets with tons of pages too.

Lego Blocks

Lego blocks used to have the standard sizes of 2 x 4, 4 x 4, and so on. There wasn’t a lot of variation.

Now, however, Lego pieces can come in all shapes and sizes. One set can have multiple big and small bricks, with more elements and detailed pieces as well. 

Lego pieces now are also specific to their themes. This is unlike in the past where kids could use the materials to build anything they wanted to. 


For sure, everyone is familiar with the first-generation Lego figures. They were simple yellow figures with claws for hands and were typically dressed in a red top and some jeans.

This figure is all too familiar and definitely screams “Lego.” 

Mini-figures have greatly developed and improved since they were first released however. There is no longer just one familiar face for Lego mini-figures! 

Nowadays, you’ll see Batman, Spiderman, Darth Vader, and a host of other characters in minifigure form — and all of them with very detailed features too!


Lego themes and categories used to come in sets, which meant that one big box of Lego was its own theme. For example, there were boxes to build Lego spaceships and farms, etc.

Now, sets come in smaller boxes with fewer pieces and typically one box is just a part of a huge overarching theme that Lego designed.

Players who want to complete the theme would then need to buy the other Lego sets that belong under the same category.

For example, one of the most famous Lego themes is that of DC Universe superheroes. There’s one set that builds Batman and his home, while another set will have Superman in his crime-fighting habitat.

Variations for Girls

Lego has become more inclusive, especially since they’re now making sets that align with specific franchises.

The unisex Lego bricks of the past have evolved to specific sets that cater to boys and girls alike.

Not only do we see superhero-themed sets, but now there are also those for Frozen or My Little Pony. Girls can also enjoy Legos to build salons, pet boutiques, bakeries, and many other options. 

Lego has tried to appeal to every child no matter what their gender is with these latest releases. 


Lego building bricks have been around for decades. Despite debuting in 1947,  this toy is still filling the shelves of toy stores and finding its way into the homes of kids and collectors even til this day. 

There’s a high chance that your parents played with Legos back in the day, and an even higher chance that your kids will still get to experience the joys of playing with these building blocks in the future. 

But despite how much Legos have changed, these pieces will likely be staples in households for a long time to come. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:08 pm

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