Is Digital Drawing Easier/Is It Cheating? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:57 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:57 pm

Technology has come a long way. People thought it was crazy when phones were placed in cars so you could communicate in the car. 

Now the phone is portable and can travel with you anywhere. Not only is the phone portable now, but you can send emails, text, search the internet, make reservations, schedule appointments, take notes, and so much more. 

Something traditional like ordering food can be done through an app. Hailing a taxi has been simplified to hailing an Uber through the app. 

You can even do things such as drawing on a tablet now too. Is it easier, or even considered cheating when you use an app to do “traditional” things such as draw?

Digital art can actually be very difficult to create at first. It takes a completely different set of skills to create digital art so it’s far from easy and I would not consider it to be “cheating”. 

If you have been creating art on paper for years, there will be an adjustment period to going digital. It will take a while until you feel comfortable digitally creating. 

If you are not tech-savvy, digital drawing will be even more of a challenge at first. Once you get the hang of digital drawing it can become second nature and easy to create with. 

Just like anything else, digital drawing takes practice.

There are people today who do consider digital drawing to be “cheating.” When it comes to techniques in drawing, learning digitally doesn’t take as much effort. 

Once you learn the program you can begin creating professional-grade digital art. It can take years of practice before your drawings can look professional with traditional drawing. 

It really just depends on your perspective of learning a new hobby if you consider digital art cheating or not. 

Should You Learn Traditional Drawing Before Digital Drawing? 

If you are wanting to start drawing as a hobby, you now have the choice between digital or traditional drawing. Since traditional drawing has been around for centuries, should you learn how to properly draw traditionally before drawing digitally? 

Many artists will suggest that you should start drawing traditionally before you jump into digital drawing. The theory behind learning traditional drawing first is that you will learn all the techniques needed in drawing. 

With traditional drawing you will learn all about shading, color vibrancy, outlining, line shaping, texture, depth, and so much more. There is a lot involved in drawing and understanding the basics. 

Starting with traditional drawing will make your transition into digital drawing an easier one. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Between Digital Drawing Over Traditional Drawing? 

When you begin drawing, you have a choice between digital or traditional drawing. Are there any benefits in choosing one style over the other? 

Benefits of Digital Drawing

Below are just a few of the benefits of digital drawing. 

You can erase without leaving any marks

This is the main attraction and advantage of digital drawing. When a mistake is made, you can easily erase and redraw without leaving behind a smudge. 

As a beginner, you will typically draw and redraw a section until you feel it’s perfect. This will not only leave smudges but also wear out the paper underneath. 

If you decide a wink is better than a smile, you can change your facial features digitally without smudging or ripping the paper. 

You do not need art supplies

Instead of constantly purchasing pencils, papers, erasers, pens, ink, etc., you have all the supplies you need right inside the tablet. 

The majority of traditional drawing supplies are all consumable goods and will continuously need replacing. 

Easy preparation and cleanup

When you want to start drawing traditionally, you need to get all your pencils, clear off a surface, and make sure all other supplies you might need are nearby. After you are finished drawing for the day, you also have the cleanup process. 

With digital drawing all you need is your tablet, turn it on, and begin. The cleanup process is simple as well, save your data and recharge the tablet. 

Cons of Digital Drawing

As with anything there will be both pros and cons to digital drawing. Below are a few of the negative aspects. 

Your artwork is susceptible to “disappearing”

If you are in the zone and don’t hit save, you risk the possibility of your drawing becoming accidentally deleted. Also, if you are drawing and the Wi-Fi drops for a second, so does your drawing. 

It can be frustrating being dependent on the software functioning properly.

The initial cost can be pricey

While you do need to constantly purchase supplies for traditional drawing, the initial cost for purchasing a digital drawing tablet can seem overwhelming. 

You have to decide whether the initial cost will outweigh the recurring cost of traditional drawing. 

It can take a while to adjust to digital drawing

If you have been traditional drawing for a while and decide to make the switch, it will be a bit before you feel comfortable drawing using a new method. 

It takes a while to learn how to use the pen and the distance needed between the pen and the monitor to achieve accurate pen strokes. 

Benefits of Traditional Drawing

Now that I have mentioned some of the pros and cons for digital drawing, let’s look at the pros and cons of traditional drawing as well. 

You do not need a computer or any drawing-specific software

When you create digital art, you need a tablet and software that is compatible to create digital drawings. It might just be easier to pull out your pad of paper and pencil to create whenever you feel like it.

Your artwork won’t suddenly “disappear”

Much like word documents and other tech-related work, you need to constantly hit the save button. When you are so focused on your drawing you can forget to hit the save button. 

Not hitting save can cost you your drawing. When you draw with a pencil and paper, your drawing will always be saved. 

You can better express yourself with unique lines, colors, and textures

Digital artwork can start to look the same and uniform after time. When you draw traditionally, you can put a unique spin on what you are drawing. 

You can create with bold colors, unique lines and shapes, and different textures. 

Cons of Traditional Drawing

A few of the cons for traditional drawing are: 

There is always a mess to clean up

Erasing mistakes leave eraser shavings, sharpening your pencil leaves pencil shavings. Cleaning up is always a part of the drawing process. 

You have to store your drawing pad somewhere it won’t get ruined and keep all your pens and pencils somewhere safe making sure friends and family don’t accidentally use them. 

You are constantly needing to purchase supplies

You will always have something you need to buy when drawing traditionally. You finished up a drawing pad, time to get a new one. 

You’ve used your pencil as small as you can comfortably use it, time to purchase new ones. 

Your markers have begun to dry out, time to get new ones. There is always some supply needed to create your drawings. 

You can’t take all your supplies with you

You can take a few drawing supplies with you, but what if you get inspiration while sitting on a park bench? You would need to haul all your supplies to the park bench with you. 

You can sketch and draw anywhere, but you won’t fully be able to capture the moment until you get home to all your supplies. 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 10:57 pm

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