Which Jigsaw Puzzles Are the Best Quality?

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 07:31 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 07:31 pm

Jigsaw puzzles are one of the easiest ways to relax, and if you are tired of wasting time at home watching TV or on social media, they can be just what you need!

Although jigsaw puzzles come in various themes and sizes, they are not always made with the highest quality materials. Finding out that a puzzle is improperly cut or has some pieces missing after paying a good price can be frustrating. 

To save you from such a disaster, I wanted to create a list of the best jigsaw puzzles and puzzle brands. 

The best quality brands for jigsaw puzzles are those made by Ravensburger and Eurographics. Both of these brands are around the same price and both have excellent reviews. 

My top choices for specific puzzles include The Artist’s Garden by Claude Monet and The Kiss by Gustav Klimt. Each of my specific picks is from the most recognized jigsaw puzzle brands like EuroGraphics and Ravensburger. 

These puzzles won’t be the cheapest but the quality of the image and pieces will be much better with these companies. 

All the best jigsaw puzzles listed below have stunning artwork, a reasonable level of difficulty to keep your brain cells fit and healthy as you unwind, and a quality build. So, let’s dig in!

Claude Monet: The Artist’s Garden

This is one of the best jigsaw puzzles for adults by EuroGraphics. It is a 38.25 x 26.63 inches puzzle with 2,000 pieces. It is no surprise that Claude Monet’s The Artist’s Garden at Giverny is one of his most well-known paintings because it depicts his own garden. 

What you get here is a beautifully rendered jigsaw puzzle of the impressionist’s masterpiece. These puzzles are printed using vegetable-based ink and created in the United States from high-quality recycled boards. 

This can be a difficult puzzle to do for some people because of the soft, diffuse impressionist style.

Not only is it a beautiful production with premium quality, but it boosts your brain activity with its challenging build. However, this will not be suitable for children as they may find it too tough to solve.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

There is no wonder how this stunning artwork has made its way to the top of the list of best jigsaw puzzles. It has a magnificent color reproduction with 19.25 x 26.5 inches and a brain-stimulating difficulty level, making it one of the best jigsaw puzzles for adults.

This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss is another fantastic puzzle based on a renowned painting. 

The Kiss is Gustav Klimt’s most famous painting, and it makes a great jigsaw puzzle design. “Golden Period” artwork by Gustav Klimt from 1908-1909 combines Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts elements to create something sumptuously unusual. 

Many shades of rich gold make it a fun challenge for expert puzzlers as well as beginners.

Art Foil Puzzle With Vibrant Flowers by Andy Warhol

In his 1970 Flowers series, Andy Warhol’s pop-art straddled the line between high culture art and moralism. This Andy Warhol Art Foil Challenge is packed with colorful elements that make it a fascinating and hard puzzle for adults and children of age eight and above. 

The puzzle pieces are thick and strong and have a matte texture on the rear. The box includes a print as well as other goodies.

Disney All Characters Stained Glass Jigsaw Puzzle by Tenyo

Some of the best jigsaw puzzles have become children’s absolute favorites as artists have created countless adaptations of Disney’s beloved characters. Nevertheless, this Disney All Characters puzzle by Tenyo is our favorite because of its stained-glass aesthetic.

Many of the characters from 31 films, including Cinderella, Aladdin, Tangled, etc. can be found on the puzzle pieces. Plus, the puzzle looks like a piece of art once it’s completed. 

It even comes with glue packets so that you can permanently seal and display the completed design if you so desire.

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles by Unidragon

This colorful Unidragon Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is made in Samara, Russian Federation. This is one of the best jigsaw puzzles for families as both adults and kids can enjoy and relieve stress by solving this puzzle together.

Unidragon’s wooden puzzles have many different shapes and sizes making this a much more unique puzzle line. Rather than having a square or rectangle shape instead it is the shape of each animal! 

Sea-life-inspired shapes and brilliant colors make the process of assembling the puzzle even more enjoyable.

It boasts of supreme quality as each puzzle piece is laser-cut. Its gorgeous colors make it a delightful piece to the eyes once completed; you can even hang it on your wall as a decorative piece. It comes in a lovely wooden box which makes it a perfect gift option.

Galison Monet Double-Sided Puzzle

Why have one jigsaw puzzle when you can double the fun with two! This double-sided jigsaw puzzle of a Monet artwork is more fun than one. 

A pair of Claude Monet’s renowned Water Lilies paintings are featured, one glossy and the other matte. With a finished size of 24 by 18 inches, the puzzle is suitable for a kitchen or dining room table. 

It’s a great family bonding activity that both the adults and kids can solve together.

Ravensburger Puzzle: Animal Kingdom

Whether you are an adult or child or animal enthusiast, this fantastic Animal Kingdom puzzle will excite and captivate you for hours with its gorgeous illustrations. This painting has many intricate details, such as flamingos and Asian elephants sharing the same habitat or the wolves keeping an eye on the brown bears. 

In addition to the unique, extra-thick cardboard and linen-structured paper that Ravensburger puzzles are known for, this 2,000 piece jigsaw is also of supreme quality that adds to the great experience.

Frida Catlo Artsy Cats by Mudpuppy

For those looking for the best puzzle for kids, look no further than this wacky puzzle. As the name suggests, Frida Catlo jigsaw puzzle is a play on Frida Kahlo’s art from the 20th century. 

All of the puzzle pieces are packaged in an attractive paint can-shaped storage tin that measures 4.25 inches wide by 4.75 inches high, and the pieces are printed with non-toxic inks that are safe for youngsters. 

Children six years old and above will enjoy assembling and disassembling this original puzzle over and over again.

Final Thoughts 

I hope that this list has been helpful, and you get to enjoy at least one of these picks. Although six suggestions are not a lot, these are the ones which have won the title of best jigsaw puzzles in my mind; however, there can definitely be more! 

Everyone has their own unique pick that they like better than others, and it seems nearly impossible to pick one out of these and many other jigsaw puzzles. So the best approach to know what you prefer personally is to buy and try them out!

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 07:31 pm

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