What Is Play-Doh Plus? 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:45 pm

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Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:45 pm

It seems Play-Doh has been around forever. We have all probably owned a set of differently colored blobs that we molded and twisted into all kinds of shapes and sizes. If you were like me you would probably eventually mix all the colors into a giant brown mess and get a whole new set of fresh colors to start the process all over again. 

It’s a toy that doubles as a world of creation and possibility.

Recently Play-Doh has been putting out some new products including Play-Doh Plus. But what exactly is Play-Doh Plus? 

Play-Doh Plus Is a type of Play-Doh that allows you (or your little ones) to create more details on whatever it is that they have created. It is a softer and smoother type of Play-Doh that will allow those details to be added easier. 

Imagine you’ve made a brown chocolate cake of normal Play-Doh. What if you want light frosting on top? 

Maybe you’ve made a tree that needs a coating of snow, or a coffee mug that needs some whipped cream. That is what Play-Doh Plus brings. 

It is the lighter, finer version that allows a sense of finesse and finery. There are endless possibilities that Play-Doh Plus brings to the table.

Why Should You Get Play-Doh Plus?

Not only does Play-Doh Plus add a ton of texture and possibilities to the world of Play-Doh, it also is a great toy for very little ones. 

Play-Doh Plus Is great not just for creating finer details for older children but also for normal use by younger kids. Since it is softer and smoother than normal Play-Doh, young children will be able to play with it easier. 

Its softness and flexibility make it much more accessible and usable by smaller children with smaller hands. More lightweight than Play-Doh, it can be a wonderful toy for smaller children to begin experimenting with creations of their own.

Where Can You Get Play-Doh Plus?

Play-Doh Plus is available at most major retailers as well as available online. 

You can get Play-Doh Plus at most Walmarts and Targets, and can also easily be purchased online at both these stores, as well as Amazon. 

It can also be found on Ebay, and on BLICK Art Materials. It usually comes in an eight-pack of colors but be aware it is considerably more expensive than normal Play-Doh. 

What Is Play-Doh Plus Used For?

There are many different possibilities when delving into Play-Doh Plus. It can be used for a lot of additional things that you wouldn’t be able to create with normal Play-Doh. 

The lightness and airiness of the Play-Doh Plus material allows for such creations as bunches of confetti, marshmallows, hairstyles, and others. It can be the light furniture in a solid house, or the fluffy clouds on a blue background. 

It can even be used to create the blankets on a Play-Doh bed, the dishes on a Play-Doh table, or the wool on a Play-Doh sheep. It can be the foam on a wave, and the flowers in green grass.

Basically any small details that could be added to a Play-Doh creation is what you can use Play-Doh Plus for.  

Is Play-Doh Plus Edible? 

Since Play-Doh Plus is designed for children, many parents are probably wondering about the very real possibility of their children tasting this tempting toy. 

While you don’t need to worry too much, it’s probably best to keep a close eye on your children if they are prone to tasting their toys. 

Play-Doh Plus is made of non-toxic materials, and is not dangerous to consume but it is not considered edible. Despite being non-toxic it is not wise to consume it in large quantities as it is not a food item and could result in an upset stomach. 

If personal experience is any guide, I have tasted Play Doh myself when I was a kid. It was salty and rather disgusting, so I don’t think the temptation would last too long with children even if they were to taste it.

Is Play-Doh Plus Messy? 

Parents may wonder about what kind of clean-up awaits them when their children get out this particular toy. It does seem rather gloopy and messy looking. 

Play-Doh Plus cleanup is the same as with normal Play-Doh. You will have to clean up the small chunks and won’t want to let your kids grind it into the carpet or furniture. 

So while little bits of the Play-Doh may fall here and there, they are very easily cleaned up especially once they are hardened. 

I only let my kids play with their Play-Doh on hard surfaces with a hard floor so that way I don’t have to worry about it sticking to the couch or carpet. 

How Do You Keep Play-Doh Plus From Getting Hard? 

As with any Play-Doh product, Play-Doh Plus will get hard over time. However, there are a few things that you can do to help keep it from getting hard so fast. 

One thing that works great to keep your Play-Doh Plus from hardening is to play with it! Keeping it in its can when not in use, and then twisting and molding and kneading it when in use is the best way to keep Play-Doh Plus from going dry and getting hard. 

If it does get hard, just add a little water and then do some thorough kneading to get it more pliable again.

Final Thoughts

Play-Doh Plus is a great gift for any child who loves to play with normal Play-Doh. It will allow them to add the finest details that they normally would not have been able to add. 

Although Play-Doh Plus is more expensive than normal Play-Doh, being able to use it to add the details on a piece is a nice touch especially for older children. 

Play-Doh plus is also a great option for younger kids that might have issues playing with the slightly harder normal Play-Doh. Since Play-Dog plus is softer and smoother you can introduce it to kids at an even younger age. 

Just make sure that they are actually playing with it and not eating it! 

Last updated on September 14th, 2022 at 09:45 pm

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